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Build My Affiliate Independent Marketing Biz (BMAIMB) is the team membership site for Team Phoenix. Our site is built so members can share their products and services to each other while making and developing a monthly income that grows on autopilot each month. You will learn how to create a viral advertising network that grows your income on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It is designed so any member regardless of their expertise level can begin a successful online career learning different techniques and ideas from our community.

Team Phoenix is comprised of several smaller teams into one large team, which consist of marketers from all over the world. We have leaders and teams from countries like England, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, and others all playing their part in the growth and developement of each other as well as our team.

Q: I understand the importance of being a part of a team and network, but how will I make money?
A: Each month every member is required to pay a very small membership fee of $1.75 in Tron (about 25 trx) that is split amongst the members in their perspective networks down 6 levels in a unilevel compensation plan. This means that no matter who refers whom in your network, you will earn from 6 levels in your team. (click here for comp chart).

Q: If I agree to join this team, what do I get every month for my $1.75 in tron (25trx)?
A: You will get 2500 ad credits to post your text ad(s) that will be seen on the member's pages in the back office. This is a 1:14 credit ad view ratio. You will also get access to our private chat room where members have discussions and share ideas on advertising, programs, tips, and strategies on how to better your business. If you need one on one training your direct sponsor, upline, and admin, all will assist you. Plus we have moderators in the chat room that will assist as well. When you upgrade your membership you also enable the earning feature of the site and every member that joins your network you earn from, down 6 levels, each month that you have paid your membership fee. We also give you the steps to grow a viral ad network without doing any extra work!

Our goal of Team Phoenix is to provide quality advertising while helping you build your viral monthly income using the easiest methods possible. We make sure that you always feel that you are an important part of our team and we function to leave no member behind! If you are serious about earning online and wanting to build a real network of like minded affiliate marketers, simply click the join button below.


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